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Navalny: Maria Pevchikh to head ACF International in wake of Volkov's resignation

Maria Pevchikh, the ACF’s head of investigations, has been appointed as the new chairman of the board of directors of ACF International (the Anti-Corruption Foundation's international organization), according to Alexei Navalny's statement on social media.

“Given her exemplary public record during the last couple of years, she has proven herself to be a remarkable political figure. As someone who is familiar with her, I am confident that she will excel in these responsibilities as well,” Navalny wrote.

Leonid Volkov resigned from his position on March 9, 2023, after a controversial letter that he sent to the office of EU High Representative for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy Josep Borrell in 2022 without informing his ACF colleagues.

In the letter, Volkov requested that Borrell define clear criteria for lifting sanctions, as many businessmen who do not support the Kremlin have been unfairly targeted. Volkov cited Alfa Group shareholders Mikhail Fridman, Pyotr Aven, German Khan, and Aleksey Kuzmichev as examples and suggested removing them from the EU sanctions list.

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