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“I dedicate my contribution to people who find the strength to confront the monster of dictatorship”: Navalny on Oscar-winning documentary

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Incarcerated Russian opposition leader Alexei Navalny, who is currently serving a lengthy prison sentence in the Vladimir region, commented on the documentary about his poisoning being awarded the Oscar several days ago.

Navalny thanked those involved in the making of the film:

“A few words on the Oscar from the guy who's always the last to find out
As usual, the cell radio turned on at 5:00 a.m. At 6:00, they had the first news block of the day: they spoke in detail about all the winners of the Academy Awards, except for Best Documentary. I thought that was a good sign.
Closer to lunch, they took me to a court hearing. I was on video link, and the lawyer showed a piece of paper into my camera.
«I don't see anything,» I said. After poking my sheet in the camera for a while longer, the lawyer couldn't stand it and said, «Your movie won an Oscar.»
I had a very strange feeling at that moment.
It was as if those words didn't even belong in this world, but, on the other hand, everything here is so weird and crazy that it feels like that's the only world they belong in.
I am, of course, terribly glad, but while rejoicing, I try not to forget that it wasn't me who won the Oscar after all “ These were quite exciting and sometimes dramatic events, but it was a genius team that was able to show them in a way that was Oscar-worthy: Daniel Roher, Odessa Rae, Diane Becker, Melanie Miller, Shane Boris and the many others who worked on the film. Guys, I congratulate you from the bottom of my heart.
Christo (hugs to you, man, you are the true star of this film) and Maria Pevchikh, without you, even a rough concept of all this would not exist.
Yulia, thank you for participating, supporting and, on a couple of occasions, keeping me from killing the crew.
Friends and colleagues at the ACF, as usual, you did all the work, and I merely provided my face to be put on the cover.
Finally, let me reiterate: this is not my movie, I didn't win the Oscar, and I'm not in a position to dedicate this award to anyone. However, I dedicate my entire contribution to this film to honest and courageous people across the world who day after day find the strength to confront the monster of dictatorship and its constant companion, war.”

On March 13, Navalny, a documentary based on an investigation by The Insider and Bellingcat and directed by Canadian filmmaker Daniel Roher, won the Academy Award for Best Documentary Feature Film.

The film won the BAFTA Award for Best Documentary in February this year.

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