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Nine people arrested in Poland for suspected sabotage ordered by Russia, says PM Donald Tusk

Nine people have been arrested in Poland on suspicion of committing sabotage on the orders of the Russian special services, according to an announcement by Poland’s Prime Minister Donald Tusk made during a broadcast by TVN24.

“We currently have nine suspects arrested and charged with engaging directly in acts of sabotage in Poland at the request of the Russian [special] services. This applies to beatings, arson and attempted arson,” Tusk said.

“We're talking about hired people here. Sometimes these are people from the criminal world and this applies to Ukrainian, Belarusian, and Polish citizens,” he added.

According to Tusk, the sabotage, which is backed by the Russian special services, is also taking place in Lithuania, Latvia and Sweden. As an example, Tusk cited an attempted arson attack on a paint factory in the Polish city of Wroclaw. The Wroclaw attack being ordered from Russia was “beyond dispute,” the Prime Minister stressed. He also recalled an arson attack on an IKEA warehouse in Lithuania.

“The same people detained there may also be involved in sabotage attempts, mainly arson, also in Poland,” he explained.

Tusk emphasized that Poland is acting on this issue in consultation with its neighbors and allies and that he is “satisfied” with the effectiveness of the country’s security services.

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