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“Is this fireworks or what?” Over 40 drones attack Crimea, missile lands in pool in Kaluga region

The Russian Ministry of Defense reports that Crimea was attacked by 42 drones launched from the territory of Ukraine.

According to the ministry, nine UAVs were destroyed over Crimea by air defense systems, and another 33 drones were jammed by electronic warfare systems and “crashed without reaching their target.”

The Ministry of Defense also states that an attempted attack with a missile from an upgraded S-200 air defense system was thwarted during the night. The missile was intercepted by air defense over the Kaluga region.

Shot provides footage from eyewitnesses who spotted the missile:

According to Shot, a portion of the downed missile crashed into a framework swimming pool on a property in the village of Orekhovka, Kaluga region. According to the house residents, three explosions were initially heard, followed by rocket debris falling to the ground. One of the pieces landed in the pool, “hissing and bubbling in the water” for a while.

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