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25 people injured, one dead in strike on residential building in Zaporizhzhia

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A residential building was hit by a missile in Zaporizhzhia on March 22, causing multiple casualties. Ukrainian media outlets, such as UNIAN and Suspilne, have published footage of the aftermath of the missile strike:

According to the latest reports, at least 25 people, including two children, were injured in the shelling, said Zaporizhzhia city council secretary Anatoliy Kurtev:

“According to updated information, 25 people are currently in hospitals: 3 people are in serious condition, 19 are in moderate condition, 3 are in mild condition (two of them are children).”

Update: At least 31 people were injured in the shelling, according to a report from the Zaporizhzhia police cited by Suspilne.

27 people are in hospital, including three children. One woman died from her injuries, the police said.

The impact started a fire which spread to one of the floors of a neighboring house.

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky published a video of the rocket hitting the residential building:

“Zaporizhzhia. Right now, a Russian missile hit a multi-storey building. Russia is shelling the city with bestial savagery. Residential areas where ordinary people and children live are being fired at. The terrorist state seeks to destroy our cities, our state, our people.
This must not become “just another day” in Ukraine or anywhere else in Europe or the world. The world needs greater unity and determination to defeat Russian terror faster and protect lives.”

Russian occupation authorities in the Zaporizhzhia region have blamed Ukrainian air defenses for the incident.

According to Suspilne, there were six explosions in the city today.

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