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Roscosmos head Yury Borisov's family owns billion rubles’ worth of property, Navalny team says

An investigation by Alexei Navalny's team has revealed that the family of Roskosmos' new head Yuri Borisov, who was in charge of the entire Russian military-industrial complex in recent years, owns a billion rubles’ worth of property. The investigators claim that Borisov's family “earned” its fortune from defense contracts which Borisov himself supervised as a government official.

Borisov's sons (Konstantin and Alexander), according to documents from the official Montenegrin state register, bought a plot of land and a house in 2015 in the village of Djurasevici in the Tivat municipality, 15 minutes from the luxurious Porto Montenegro.

“This small village stretches in a narrow strip along the sea. From here there is an amazing view of the bay. The sea is just a couple minutes’ walk from the house that belongs to the children of the head of Roskosmos. But they can swim in the pool on their property”, the investigators say.

The plot area is 11 hectares, the area of the house (three floors) is 853 square meters. One brother, Konstantin, owns the land. And the villa itself is shared by the other brother, Alexander, with his relatives.

According to his tax declaration Yuri Borisov owns a 200 square meters apartment in the upscale Smolenskaya Zastava housing complex in Moscow. The cost of the apartment bought in 2020 is about 150 million rubles ($ 2,400,000).

Yuri Borisov's tax declaration also shows a country property worth 200 million rubles ($ 3,250,000), registered in the name of his son Alexander Borisov. He also owns an apartment worth 170 million rubles $ 2,760,000) in the Garden Quarters residential complex. The second son has transferred his apartment in the Volynski Residential Complex (120 million rubles, $ 1,950,000) to his wife Karolina.

Also, the Borisov family owns apartments on 3rd Frunzenskaya Street and Khamovnicheskiy Val in Moscow and a townhouse in Romashkovo, Odintsovo district, Moscow region.

“In total, we found a total of 1 billion rubles’ ($ 16,217,320) worth of real estate owned by Yuri Borisov's family,” the investigators calculated.

Since 2004, Borisov has been working for the government. Before that, since the 90s, he headed the company “Modul”, which produced on-board computers. Initially, the company was created by the enterprises within the military-industrial complex - “Vympel” and the Research Institute of Radio-Equipment; then it was transferred to private owners, and Borisov himself became a shareholder.

After Borisov started working for the government, he claimed he got rid of his shares and resigned as Modul’s CEO. Today the company’s owners are not officially disclosed but, according to the investigators, its main shareholder is its own general director Andrei Adamov. The media referred to him as Yuri Borisov's half-brother.

“We claim that they definitely have family ties: after all, Adamov's wife owns property in Montenegro jointly with Borisov's sons. Also, Natalia Adamova, according to an extract from Rosreestr, received from Borisov Sr. a house in the village of Novodaryino in 2017,” the investigators say.

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