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Russian troops deliver unknown cargo to Zaporizhzhia NPP, sources say power plant is mined (video)

The Insider's sources at the Zaporizhzhia nuclear power plant in Energodar, which has been occupied by Russia since March, report suspicious activity of Russian soldiers at the plant. The publication also has video of Russian military trucks pulling onto the plant site and unloading cargoes.

According to a source, a convoy of military trucks arrived at the plant on August 2. The trucks stopped between energy blocks 1 and 2, and after a while part of the convoy started entering the turbine room of energy block 1 through the cargo gate. According to the source, the turbine room has been mined.

According to another source, there are about 500 Russian soldiers and military equipment at the NPP site, including APCs, anti-aircraft guns and radiochemical reconnaissance equipment, and the area around the plant has been mined by Russian troops. According to the source, there are GRAD batteries near the village of Vodyanoye, which is closest to the NPP, and Russian soldiers store mines and ammunition in the immediate vicinity of the energy blocks, under trestles, with some of the ammunition sored inside the energy block. The second source doesn't know whether the energy block has been mined or is simply used for storing explosives.

According to the source, Major General Aleksei Dombrovsky was in charge of the seizure of the plant, whereafter Major General Valery Vasilyev was put in charge of the power plant.

Both sources consider today's shelling of the plant a staged provocation. According to an employee working at one of the energy blocks, as a result of today's shelling, the backup power supply went offline throughout the plant, triggering two safety systems at Energy Block 3 which switched on diesels power generators (which means that the energy block's safety system went offline).

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